Frequently Asked Questions


[+] [-] Important information about your user account.
Welcome to our new website. In order to bring you more resources in a more efficient way, we've had to make a few changes to the system--particularly, how user accounts are handled. The main change you'll notice is your account is now tied to your email address instead just a username as before.

If you had a user account on our previous site and have purchased a product, your account has been setup for you on our new site as well. 

To access it, select "Login" from the top-right menu bar and enter the email associated with your account as your username. Then click the "Forgot your password?" link. This will generate an email that will be sent to you, allowing you to set a new password.

In other words, use your email instead of your old username and simply set up a new password using the "Forgot your password?" link.
[+] [-] I had an account on the previous Psychotherapy Networker website. Can I still use it?
Yes, your previous account has been migrated to our new website, but you'll have to set a new password to access it. 

Note: You'll now need to use the email address that was associated with the account as your username, instead of the username itself. Then simply click "Forgot your password?" to set up a new one.

[+] [-] My old Networker Login isn't working. What should I do?
Verify that you are using the email address associated with your previous online account and have set a new password. See "Important Information about Your Account."

If you are still having problems, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

[+] [-] I forgot my password. What do I do?
On each of the login screens, directly below the username and password fields you will find a link labeled "Forgot your password." Select this link, enter you email address, and an email will be sent to you with directions on resetting your password. Note: your username should be email address.

[+] [-] I've purchased from the PESI Store before. Can I use that account here?
Yes, our new store is built on the PESI store platform and the same online account will work on both websites.


[+] [-] How do I read the full magazine articles online?
Although we have many full feature articles from our magazine available online for FREE, to access full issues and all associated content, you must be a subscriber of Psychotherapy Networker magazine.

I'm already a magazine subscriber.
Great! Then you have access to all articles. All you have to do is login and link your magazine subscription with your online account.

If you already have an online account, login by clicking the "Login" link located to the top of the page or by selecting the magazine article you wish to read and selecting the "Login Now" button. Then click on your username/email and select "My Subscription" and follow the prompts. 

If you don’t have an online account, simply create one by selecting "Sign Up" from the top "Login" link or "Register as a new user" from the dedicated login page. Then go to "My Subscription" and follow the prompts.

If you have any questions, contact customer service

I'm not a magazine subscriber.
To purchase a subscription, please see the "How to subscribe or renew my subscription?" FAQ in this section.

[+] [-] How do I subscribe or renew my magazine subscription?
Your magazine subscription is separate from an online account.

To subscribe to Psychotherapy Networker magazine, select the "Subscribe Now" option of the "Magazine" menu.  

To renew your Psychotherapy Networker magazine subscription, select the "Renew Now" option of the "Magazine" menu. 

If you have questions about logging in to the website to read articles online, please contact customer service. Or See "How do I read the magazine online?"

If you have any questions about your magazine subscription, please contact customer service.

[+] [-] How do I check the status of my magazine subscription?
You may check the status of your magazine subscription by selecting the "Subscription Status" link in the "My Account" page which is accessed by the "My Account" link under the "Customer Care" menu.

If no subscription is found, you will be presented with the option to purchase a subscription or to identify your current Psychotherapy Networker magazine account.

Once your subscription is verified, it will be linked to your online account providing full access to magazine articles and subscription information.

[+] [-] I want to take the 2 CE hour quiz for the magazine issue. What should I do?
Just go to Magazine Quizzes in the "Magazine" section or click here.
[+] [-] I just subscribed, but still haven't received my free 2-CE magazine quiz. Help!
The promotional free 2-CE magazine quiz is available to new subscribers only. Due to the fact that new subscriber information is processed on a monthly basis, it may take up to four weeks for you to receive your free magazine quiz via email. If you need to take your quiz sooner, please email and one of our staff members will provide you with a temporary promo code you can use to take your quiz for free immediately.
[+] [-] Who gets FREE access to the Networker mobile app?
FREE access to all content on the mobile app is available to magazine subscribers. All you need to log in is your subscription account number and FULL zip code.
[+] [-] I want to read the read the Networker magazine on my mobile device. Should I purchase a subscription through the app or the website?
To provide you with benefits such as instant online access to article archives and subscription management, we ask that you please DO NOT purchase a digital magazine subscription directly through the app. Instead, you can enjoy free access to the app by purchasing a subscription through the website. All print subscriptions come with this free digital access. If you’d prefer not to receive the print magazine, please let us know at the time of purchase.
[+] [-] How do I log in to the Networker magazine app for free access?
Once you’ve downloaded the Psychotherapy Networker app, simply tap "Access" and sign in as a Current Subscriber using your account number and postal code. Note that if you’re in the US and your postal code has a four-digit extension at the end, you’ll need to enter that. You’ll find your account number in the confirmation email you received after subscribing to the magazine, or on the mailing label of your physical magazine. If you still can’t locate it, a member from our Customer Support team can assist you
[+] [-] How do I download the Networker app?
You can download our mobile app on your iPad and iPhoneAndroid device, and Amazon Kindle Fire.
[+] [-] I can’t find my subscriber account number. What do I do?
The confirmation email you received after subscribing to the magazine shows your account number. You can also find it on the mailing label of your physical magazine. If you can’t find it in either of these places, you can email or call 888-851-9498. Please have your mailing address ready.
[+] [-] I have purchased a subscription, but the latest content in the app has a price next to it. What should I do?
Apple Devices: Please try restoring your purchases by opening the app, tapping the Settings cog-wheel icon on the bottom right corner of the app, and selecting "Unlock My Purchases." You may be prompted to log into your Apple ID – please make sure it is the same one you used to make your purchases. Android devices: Please try restoring your purchases by opening the app, tapping the three-dot Settings icon in the top right corner of the Store, then find and tap "Unlock My Purchases" under the UTILITIES heading. Give it a moment and your previous purchases should unlock properly.
[+] [-] I want to send my feedback on an article.
Great! We love to hear from our readers. Just email your comments to Please include your name, city, and state if you wish these comments to be published in the magazine. And do your best to keep them under 300 words. Alternatively, you're welcome to leave comments online at the bottom of all articles.
[+] [-] I want to advertise in your magazine. Can you help me?
Yes, please see the "Advertise" links located in the footer on each page.

Product Purchases

[+] [-] How do I purchase CE courses or quizzes?
There are different types of Learning CE courses and quizzes on our website.

Magazine quizzes can be found using the "Magazine Quiz" option of the "Magazine" menu.

There are video, audio and reading courses available, most of which have CE hours available and can be accessed under the "CE Courses" menu.

There are also a large of number other self-study products that have CE hours available located through our store which can be access by the options under the "CE Store" menu.

[+] [-] I purchased prior to the launch of your new web site, how do I access my prior purchases?
Prior purchases will continue to be fulfilled from our previous product store.

You may access this site by selecting the "My Account" option of the "Customer Care" menu.  You will be required to log in using your online account credentials for this web site.  Once logged in, you may select the "Past Purchases" link located under the "For purchases made prior to Feb 1, 2016" heading.

If you have not setup a new account on our web site, you may still access the old Networker store by clicking this link or by entering "https:/" in the address bar of your browser. 

Once at our previous store, you may access your purchases by entering your previous "Networker Login" credentials.

[+] [-] I purchased from the PESI store, how do I access those products?
The PESI store is directly supported within our new web site and store.

For products purchased in the PESI store from our old web site, select the "My Account" option of the "Customer Care" menu.  Login using your online credentials to access the My Account page.

[+] [-] Is this site secure for making purchases?
Yes, all purchases made through our website are secure. It is important to us that you feel completely secure when shopping online with Psychotherapy Networker. We use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and digital certificate technology, which encrypts your sensitive information, protects its integrity, and allows it to be properly identified in Internet-based transactions. We do not store your credit card information, and your personal/billing information is protected by your personal registration password.


[+] [-] How do I contact Psychotherapy Networker?
Online Form: Click here to fill out a contact form.
Phone: (800) 844-8260, 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Central Time, M-F.
Fax: (800) 554-9775

[+] [-] How do I change my account information?
Once you enter your account information, it is saved in our system to simplify the purchasing process.

Account information is managed on the "My Account" page of the website.

If you are not already logged into your account, you will be prompted to do before proceeding.

Daily Blog

[+] [-] How do I sign up to receive the Week in Review newsletter?
In order to receive the Week in Review newsletter, please enter your email address in the gray box on the right side of our homepage, labeled, "Be the first to know...Discounts, Deals & News." To manage your email settings or unsubscribe from the Week in Review, select Customer Care in the toolbar at the top of our page, then select "Join Our Lists."


[+] [-] How do I get information on the Networker Symposium?
Simply click here to find all you need. If you want more info on registering, email or call 800-379-1733.

Question not answered? Please contact us