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The Tony Robbins Experience

What’s the Takeaway for Therapists?

November/December 2017
Despite his four decades in the public eye, most therapists are only vaguely aware of Tony Robbins and his take on personal change. But if you attract millions of people from a staggering range of backgrounds and interests to your seminars, it’s a good bet you have something to offer. So what’s that elusive “something” that he transmits to people? And can therapists learn anything useful from him?
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The State of Our Art

Do Our Old Ways Fit the New Times?

March/April 2015
While the number of people in psychotherapy keeps declining, surveys reveal that potential clients would still rather talk to a therapist than fill a prescription. So what’s going on? We asked six of the field’s most outspoken leaders to offer their views.
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Cloe Madanes on Advocating for the Most Vulnerable

March/April 2015
Let’s unite to stand up to vested interests that have taken over the mental health system.

Soft Shock Therapy

The Art of Speaking the Unspeakable

March/April 2014
Using humor to help clients reconstruct their problems, even to the point of making parodies of their own dilemmas, can help some them get distance from their woes, learn to take themselves less seriously, and perhaps even gain a bit of wisdom.

The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People

How to Succeed at Self-Sabotage

November/December 2013
Making yourself profoundly unhappy takes tenacity and creativity. But the real art of it is to behave in ways that allow you to claim yourself to be an innocent victim, ideally of the very people from whom you’re forcibly extracting compassion and pity.

The Accidental Therapist

Jay Haley Didn't Set Out to Transform Psychotherapy

November/December 2007
Although he influenced a generation of therapists with his strategic methods, Jay Haley was always more at home as an observer of behavior than as an interviewer.

The Top 10

The Most Influential Therapists of the Past Quarter-Century

March/April 2007
In honor of our 25th anniversary, we conducted the largest survey ever of who therapists believe have most influenced their practice. Here's the field's Top 10, along with a portrait of the orientations and demographics whom they continue to influence.

Maestro in the Consulting Room

At 83, Salvador Minuchin is Still Reflecting on Clinical Wisdom

May/June 2005
At 83, family therapy pioneer Salvador Minuchin, the most dazzling therapeutic practitioner of his generation, continues his search for clinical wisdom.

The Godfather Strategy

Finding the Offer a Client Can't Refuse

November/December 2000
After 20 years of teaching therapy, but not doing it myself, I decided I needed a lesson in humility. What better way to experience humility than to be a therapist? So I started a small practice that basically consisted of taking on the cases that, for a variety of reasons, other therapists couldn't handle: sexual violence, heartbreaking drama, money problems, celebrities. And I was quite successful, to the point that the lesson in humility was escaping me. Until I met Bob.

The Four Most Common Mistakes in Treating Teeens

And What You Can Do About It

July/August 2000
Any therapist treating domestic violence takes one look at a husband who is dominating and abusing his wife and recognizes that he exercises power over her. Yet, when a teenager threatens, dominates by shouting and imposing guilt and controls her parents by threatening to run away, too many therapists fail to realize that abuse is going on.
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